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To ABC: Bias expressed on Twitter by Ms Sophie McNeill #KhanSheikhoun

  The following complaint letter was submitted to the ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs in response to a tweet by Ms Sophie McNeill, ABC’s Middle Eastern correspondent based in Jerusalem. Ms McNeill interviewed Dr Morad in Turkey. (See tweet above.) To ABC Audience … Continue reading

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“Syria: The Faces behind 5 Years of Crisis” – a Critique

  Images above: Syria, photos taken from 2004 to 2010   Syria: Images for War or Peace? On Tuesday 15 March 2016, an online exhibition of photographs was launched at the Australian Parliament, Canberra.  Photographs in the exhibition include some taken by … Continue reading

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Comment submitted to ABC’s “Rear Vision”

Images: Children of Syria, taken before and after the start of the crisis (some are refugees from Yarmouk, Damascus, who were photographed by the writer in Lebanon, May 2013).   ****************************** In a follow-up email to Derryn Hinch (after my … Continue reading

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To Derryn Hinch: Yes, stand up against the Killing Fields in Syria. But research Syria first.

Above: The writer at demonstrations in Melbourne, early 1970s A Syrian in Damascus takes sides: he expresses support for the Syrian government rather than ‘terrorists’. ****************************** Few people in the west would be aware of the calls for genocide heard in … Continue reading

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Response to Dr Michael Fullilove’s first Boyer Lecture, 2015

Images above:  Muslim women in Melbourne  The 21st century is not the time to dissemble; it is not the time to be partisan without regard to history, without regard to the facts, and without regard to the best of … Continue reading

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Letter to ABC: Matt Brown Report on Syria Breaches Code of Practice

Formal Complaint to Audience and Consumer Affairs, Australian Broadcasting Commission,  Program: ABC, Radio National, AM Date: 18/9/2014 Title: Mixed Response from Syrian rebels to American-led war on IS Presenter: Chris Uhlmann    Reporter: Matt Brown ************************************************************************************ 25 September 2014 Dear Audience and Consumer Affairs, The above-mentioned AM program breaches the ABC Code … Continue reading

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Comments and Letters to the Australian Media regarding Syria

  TO THE ABC “INSIDERS”   On 29 July 2012 01:23, Susan Dirgham <> submitted a comment to ABC “Insiders“: On 3 June, Stephen Smith said on ABC “Insiders” that “the United States’ presence in the Asia Pacific has been a force … Continue reading

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