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To ABC: Bias expressed on Twitter by Ms Sophie McNeill #KhanSheikhoun

  The following complaint letter was submitted to the ABC Audience and Consumer Affairs in response to a tweet by Ms Sophie McNeill, ABC’s Middle Eastern correspondent based in Jerusalem. Ms McNeill interviewed Dr Morad in Turkey. (See tweet above.) To ABC Audience … Continue reading

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“Syria: The Faces behind 5 Years of Crisis” – a Critique

  Images above: Syria, photos taken from 2004 to 2010   Syria: Images for War or Peace? On Tuesday 15 March 2016, an online exhibition of photographs was launched at the Australian Parliament, Canberra.  Photographs in the exhibition include some taken by … Continue reading

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Comment submitted to ABC’s “Rear Vision”

Images: Children of Syria, taken before and after the start of the crisis (some are refugees from Yarmouk, Damascus, who were photographed by the writer in Lebanon, May 2013).   ****************************** In a follow-up email to Derryn Hinch (after my … Continue reading

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To Derryn Hinch: Yes, stand up against the Killing Fields in Syria. But research Syria first.

Above: The writer at demonstrations in Melbourne, early 1970s A Syrian in Damascus takes sides: he expresses support for the Syrian government rather than ‘terrorists’. ****************************** Few people in the west would be aware of the calls for genocide heard in … Continue reading

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Response to Dr Michael Fullilove’s first Boyer Lecture, 2015

Images above:  Muslim women in Melbourne  The 21st century is not the time to dissemble; it is not the time to be partisan without regard to history, without regard to the facts, and without regard to the best of … Continue reading

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Letter to ABC: Matt Brown Report on Syria Breaches Code of Practice

Formal Complaint to Audience and Consumer Affairs, Australian Broadcasting Commission,  Program: ABC, Radio National, AM Date: 18/9/2014 Title: Mixed Response from Syrian rebels to American-led war on IS Presenter: Chris Uhlmann    Reporter: Matt Brown ************************************************************************************ 25 September 2014 Dear Audience and Consumer Affairs, The above-mentioned AM program breaches the ABC Code … Continue reading

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Comments and Letters to the Australian Media regarding Syria

  TO THE ABC “INSIDERS”   On 29 July 2012 01:23, Susan Dirgham <> submitted a comment to ABC “Insiders“: On 3 June, Stephen Smith said on ABC “Insiders” that “the United States’ presence in the Asia Pacific has been a force … Continue reading

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Email Correspondence with Senator Bob Brown’s Office re Syria

From: Susan Dirgham Sent: Friday, 9 March 2012 12:39 PM To: ………………………(List includes Senator Bob Brown) Subject: FYI re Syria Dear All, Hope you have a chance to consider the implications of these articles in regard to Syria. reading

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Critical Responses to Oz Media Reports and ‘Discussions’ on Syria

The necessity for on-going critical discussions regarding what is occurring in Syria is something must people in Australia would accept. Yet, too often the assumption behind any news report on Syria, interview or discussion is the same: ‘a brutal dictator … Continue reading

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To know Syria is to love Syria

To get the most pleasure out of viewing these 101 slides, play with them.   Enjoy.  May you love the random beauty of them and, from them, know something more of Syria. Have Syria in your heart, too.

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